A definition of Technology is “the use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent useful things or to solve problems“. As a technologist, I strive to apply my experience, knowledge, and skills towards the above definition in its broadest form, with the overall goal of teaching and training youth to understand the use and purpose of technology, and its role in the development of a community, nation, and world.

Tech Industry Experience

Over twenty years working as electronics tech, computer tech, networks, and systems engineer in San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Industries include semiconductor, medical, and financial, transportation, education, and software development.

Business Owner

Preferred Home Repair (over twenty years)- a handyman service specializing in electrical, plumbing, carpentry for Oakland, CA and Albany, GA residences.


Muhammad Farms, Bronwood GA: assist farm manager with general repairs and projects on the farm (motors, pumps, mill, farm equipment, building maintenance, etc.)


Taught “Computer Repair” for three years for adult school in Berkeley, CA, a brief “Children’s Intro to Programming” course in Oakland, CA, Astronomy and Telescope Viewing, and an “Arduino Programming and Application” course to youth in Albany, GA.

Web and Internet

Implement and maintain NOI Ministry Of Agriculture Staple Goods Program Orders Management System, a web-based product ordering and inventory system based on Django and other open source software, co-admin for Ministry Of Agriculture WordPress website (noimoa.org).

Interests and Skills

Hacking (things, not computer systems) and building with electronic and mechanical devices, and coding: Arduino, Raspberry Pi (and related boards)

Programming and Software: Python, C (Arduino for now), Django web applications, Linux and other open source software

Home repair: residential and agricultural electrical,  plumbing, carpentry, etc.

Teaching: I am a proponent of the “Teach What You Know” philosophy. There is much one may not know, however one knows enough and has enough life experience to assist youth in gaining a goodly start in life.


Cogswell Polytechnic College San Francisco and Santa Clara, CA, associates degree in electronics technology, specialized classes and a lot of OJT

My overall mission

To participate in the process of teaching and training youth how to think, make, and build with electronics, mechanics, and other modern and traditional forms of technology, with the goal being to develop a generation of skilled builders who want to create industry and business for self. To help foster confidence in their abilities and channel creative thinking to help inspire them in the designing and building for a new world.

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